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VCCR is a security gateway for deployment on public cloud platforms — Amazon Web Services (AWS). VCCR functions at the cloud edge and provides secure access to resources in the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), protecting them from attacks and unauthorized access

Product Overview

VCCR for cloud environments provides a multilevel security of your infrastructure. Wherever you store and process your sensitive business data, in VPC or public cloud, VCCR protects your information against threats and adapts to a changing environment of the virtual and cloud infrastructure.

VCCR includes VPN gateway to securely connect your corporate network and remote users to AWS, as well as a firewall to process network traffic and to split the AWS virtual network into segments. Extended routing features, virtual address technology, NAT allow you to seamlessly integrate VCCR to the cloud infrastructure. You can manage VCCR via user-friendly web interface, SSH console, and via central management system.

While you smoothly bring your corporate resources and business apps over to AWS and increase the cloud processing power, VCCR ensures secure data exchange without forcing users to connect to these resources and apps in different way.


Use cases

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Secure communication between corporate network and cloud resources (site-to-site and multi site-to-site)

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Multiservice networks protection (including IP telephony and videoconferencing)

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Secure data exchange between AWS resources

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Secure Internet access for AWS resources

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Secure access to AWS resources for remote and mobile users




Encryption of all transferred data both into the cloud and inside it


Easy VPN topology management (link management, adding new users)


Differentiated access to various VPCs within encrypted traffic


Comfortable management (backup, snapshot) and quick deployment


Flexible licensing and scalability





  • Secure access to AWS resources (site-to-site and multi site-to-site VPN) for your infrastructure
  • Secure data exchange between AWS resources
  • Reliable VPN, even in case of unstable communication channels


  • Unauthorized access and attack prevention
  • Network segmentation and DMZ
  • Separate filtering of encrypted (VPN) and unencrypted traffic
Remote access

Remote access

  • Secure access to cloud resources for mobile and remote users (Remote Access VPN)
  • Wide range of supported client platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux (x86, x64, ARM), Android, iOS
  • Secure delivery of encryption keys to users
Rapid integration

Rapid integration

  • VCCR integrates into your IT infrastructure using its own license (BYOL)
  • The product is available at AWS Marketplace and takes only minutes to deploy
Central management&nbsp,system

Central management system

  • Protection tools can be managed from anywhere via the cloud console (not required to be installed on a LAN)
  • Security policies apply remotely to distributed branches and single users
AWS scheme


AWS Marketplace supplies VCCR with the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) licensing model. You can purchase licenses at vccrypto.com

Choose the license that suits you best
License typeVA100VA500VA1000VA2000
VPN Throughput, Mbps1007001,2003,100
Firewall Throughput, Mbps2201,5002,5004,000
Max number of concurrent sessions150,000800,0001,000,0003,000,000
You pay Amazon only for the instance you use.
We recommend using the following AWS instances
License typeInstanceVirtual CPUsRAM, GB

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